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Will Disruption Help or Harm Your Business?

Posted by Carmen Mickle on Dec 18, 2019 1:03:08 PM

Disruption is not just for high-tech or new businesses. Disruption happens when another business or entrepreneur hits your market with a better version of your product or service. If you’re not thinking ahead, chances are someone else can find a faster, easier, cheaper, or more convenient way of accomplishing what you offer. Every business is vulnerable to disruption---unless they can disrupt first.

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6 Ways to Approach Your Job Search with Confidence

Posted by Carmen Mickle on Nov 26, 2019 9:59:15 PM

Advice for Building the Career You Want 

Professionals from TeamWomen spent a morning with guest speakers Jennifer Laible from Antenna, and Marcia Ballinger and Lars Leafblad of Ballinger | Leafblad, Inc to explore job transitions from an executive recruiting perspective. Conversation ranged from how to network, to social media in the job search, to demystifying compensation, to understanding larger trends in hiring. Here are the most important ways job seekers and professionals can differentiate themselves and approach their careers with confidence:

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