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Is Your Company’s Talent Pool Drying Up? Here’s One Way to Help

Posted by Larry Nordhagen on Feb 2, 2018 11:32:54 AM

Larry Nordhagen, Leadership Development Practice Director

No, it’s not your imagination. You are going to a lot more retirement parties these days. And as much as it’s fun to mingle with co-workers and eat cake, those frequent parties are indicative of a trend that’s affecting companies all over the United States. More people are retiring and in greater numbers than at any other time in United States history. In fact, it’s estimated that 10,000 people are retiring every day.

With all those seasoned colleagues walking out the door, your organization faces a significant brain drain that could hit every department, and could have an especially strong impact among executive leadership. Clearly, you’ll need to be reaching into the ranks of less experienced associates in order to fill this gap. But how can you prepare them to manage, lead, and accept great responsibility on a fast-track schedule?

Time for bootcamp!

In my role as Leadership Development Practice Director, I have the opportunity to talk with talent development leaders throughout our area, and their concerns about this issue has prompted the development of a popular Executive Education course, Emerging Leaders Bootcamp. It’s a three-day session that provides the kind of targeted, impactful training that most companies cannot provide with such depth or intensity.

Learning – and working

Of course, every company has a unique corporate culture, one that’s especially evident in its leadership style. This course allows for your key emerging leaders to bring their own projects and open issues into the course to work on as we go. Not only will they be learning, but they’ll be getting work done. We’ve offered this course several times previously, and it’s proven to be very popular with participants as well as training development leaders. As a result, we’re seeing many participants in each session from “repeat” companies. Here’s a video testimonial from a recent course participant, Michael Michlitsch, Operations Manager, Cretex Companies, Inc. 



April 24 to 26: Prepare tomorrow's leaders today

I hope you’ll consider this course for your organization’s emerging leaders, those with two or more years managing people, projects or initiatives. They’ll leave the course will strengthened collaboration, communication, and leadership skills … and you’ll be able to enjoy every slice of retirement party cake with a smile on your face.