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Learning to Negotiate Like a Pro

Posted by Pri Shah on Jan 18, 2018 12:43:15 PM

Pri Shah, Associate Professor, Work and Organizations


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Some days require more negotiation than others. Here’s a typical scenario: On the way into the office, you think about whether it’s time to ask the boss for a promotion. When you get to work, a client has emailed, asking to “revisit” your contract. A supplier calls to request a change of terms. During your morning meeting, the cross-functional project team squabbles over competing demands. And that evening, the boss asks if you can fly overseas for your first cross-cultural contract discussion. This would sure be a good day to have some strong negotiation skills, right?

Ready, set negotiate

If you’ve ever left a negotiation wondering if this was the best possible deal you could have gotten, or if you find yourself relying on the same negotiation tactics over and over again, then this might be a good time to bolster your negotiation skill set with Carlson Executive Education. For those who are ready for a “negotiation fine tuning,” there’s an upcoming course on Negotiation Strategies, a practical, skill-building session that will help you hone the expertise you need to get the best deal in a variety of situations.

Negotiation Strategies Carlson Executive Education program

Building relationships through negotiation

Many people see negotiating as a tense, fraught process that’s intended to trick someone else into bending to your will. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, good negotiation begins when you are successful at fully understanding the interests of another person and at finding the potential for commonality that leads to joint gain. Because a good negotiation helps you see things from someone else’s perspective, it can often lead to a stronger overall relationship, not a hostile one.

In the three days of this course, we’ll help you gain an understanding of your own communication style, the foundations of social psychology and the latest research on effective influence tactics, all of which will help you be a better negotiator. You’ll soon gain confidence as you realize that negotiation is not an elusive skill but one that, with training, can readily be mastered. And you’ll never again walk away from a negotiation wondering if you’re leaving money on the table.

See you April 23-25

If you’re ready to catapult yourself to the next level of skill and become an expert negotiator, then I hope you’ll consider joining us in class. You’ll be practicing one-on-one negotiations with fellow classmates, and you’ll also have the opportunity to learn best practices and pitfalls to avoid from the other groups. I’ve been teaching negotiation for more than 25 years, and this particular course for more than a decade, so I’ll be sharing not only the latest cutting-edge research, but plenty of helpful pointers from my own experience. Hope to see you in class!

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